MM Global Agency identifies the brand’s digital strategies at first. We focus on providing you creative and effective solutions for all digital business process including social media content and advertisement management, internet ads, web site and blog design and mobile application developing. Manages all creative design and implementation processes successfully in accordance with product, service and brand’s business objectives.

SEO Optimization and Adwords Management

SEO Optimization gets you to the site through the keywords in search engines and it needs professional management just like communications. MM Global Agency creates alternative content plans by determining search keywords, software optimization, redirecting content from different sources and blog sites according to keywords. The team that writes your brand’s communications, message strategy or web content also determines the correct keywords that would lead your target audience to you in search engines. Besides, MM Global Agency consultants, who are experts in online advertising, carry out your adwords campaign management on result-oriented.

Digital Marketing Management

When Direct Marketing applications are used at the right time, they serve sales targets ‘directly’ like its name. MM Global Agency combines its digital creative perspective with consistent communication goals and realizes digital-supported marketing breakthroughs that will bring great gains to the brand in the short term, in accordance with the brand’s products or services. A digital contest or raffle specific to the event where you will introduce a new product of yours. Online discount & coupon work that will distinguish your brand’s store in the shopping center from similar ones. All creative solutions turn into sales when they align with your brand’s goals. The MM Global Agency team is a good converter.

Digital Campaign Planning

More personalized viral or interactive campaigns that can include the audience have bigger influence and they increase the brand image in all aspects of social networks. The social media experts of MM Global Agency have created successful digital campaigns with the help of content, design and production teams in MM Global Agency ecosystem.

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Social Media Management

Besides creative digital campaign planning, social media management elements like up-to-date social media monitoring, social media content designs for social networks, content writing and planning, contests, game and promotion works are also created by MM Global Agency experts.
Brand Positioning and Message Strategy

Brand Positioning and Message Strategy

MM Global Agency team analyzes the brand’s current position and future position in market with qualitative-quantitative, primary-secondary research; determines your brand positioning with its professional perspective. Analyses include brand’s target audience, competitors and current brand status. MM Global Agency interprets the analyses to offer brand value advice and determine brand’s strategic roadmap.


Maybe you need a trailer or jingle. Your production requests are prepared under the coordination of Production experts in the MM Global Agency ecosystem. Professional people who have worked in advertising, promotion and cinema projects will do the right thing for you.

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We are with you in all your PR and digital marketing processes.
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